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Our aim to make it possible for every family to feed their children a diet that meets their nutritional needs and supports their long term health through tailored information for the child’s age and stage, without driving yourself mad

Founder Marie Farmer



A Judgement Free Zone

I love finding out how my toddlers eating habits change over the course of a week. Now I don't feel so bad when he doesn't eat a meal. 



—  Kate, Mother of two.


Start their day right with these recipes.


Quick midday recipes you can pull together.


Try these recipes that even your picky eaters will try.


Yummy snacks for little tummies.


Making mealtimes easier for parents.

Mini Mealtimes is an app designed to empower parents with information and guidance to support you to make positive dietary decisions for your children without judgement. 

Designed by parents for parents.

Vouched for by experts.

Read more about why we created the app and how it works here.

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