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One Year Ago Today

December 14, 2017

One year ago today I had a thought, why wasn't there an app that helped parents easily understand the nutritional value of the food their children are eating.


I was sitting on my couch cuddling my 1 year old, worrying about his next meal. You see I was deep in the middle of weaning him and it was not going well. As most parents will tell you starting kids on solid food is terrifying. There is the worry they will choke, they'll have an allergic reaction, they'll reject the food out right, that you haven't prepared it well enough, the list goes on and on.


My son is very fussy, he was a fussy eater and is now an extremely fussy toddler but for the latter I blame his dad. So for months during meals he'd reject almost everything I gave him and we'd retreat to the familiarity of breast milk. Finally I quit cold turkey and committed to the solid food life but now the real work began. 


You see breastmilk contains the perfect amount of nutrition for your child and changes perfectly with their needs as they grow. But solid food isn't that intelligent and you have to make it work for you. You have to plan what they're going to eat ahead of time, buy the ingredients, prepare it and hope for the best. Plus then you have to clean up the inevitable mess they leave behind.


Questions started to race through my mind


Is he eating enough?

Have I given him too much?

Is he allowed to eat that yet?

Will this cause an allergic reaction?

Why is he hungry I just fed him?

Is he getting enough nutrition even though half of his meal ended up on the floor and walls?

Is there an app that can help me?


So after he went to bed instead of sleeping I sat there and googled my questions and searched the app stores. I couldn't find what I was looking for. I wanted something that would tell me exactly what was in the food my child was eating. The nutritional content, an easy way to track what he ate, how much of it and how often so I could be sure he was healthy. I also wanted recipe ideas, guidance from medical professionals, plus a million other dream features all in one place.


So I decided since I'd just left my job at an advertising agency this was the perfect time to create this app myself. I spent 2017 talking to parents, designing this app, listening to feedback and looking after my son, it's been a pretty crazy year. I really hope you find this app makes your life easier and you love this app as much as I do.


As Christmas and the new year fast approaches I want to ask something of you dear reader. If you haven't please take a quick look at the rest of the site, let me know your thoughts, and follow us on social media. Next year the app will be available to download (yay) so please sign up so that the minute its available you'll be informed.


Thanks in advance





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December 14, 2017

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