Fat Facts

Children need fat in their diet as it provides essential fatty acids which the body cannot produce. It also aids the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin, A, D, K and E. Foods which are good sources of fat include full-fat dairy products, oily fish, avocado, nuts, spreads and some vegetable oils such as rapeseed and olive oil. Cakes, biscuits and fried foods are high in fat but it is important to limit these as they are usually low in other nutrients. 


Some fats are much healthier for children than others. Fats which are unsaturated like the fats found in fish, avocado, nuts and olive oil are actively good for us, whereas the fats found in meat and foods like cakes and biscuits (especially packaged cakes and biscuits) are not. The balance of fats in our diet is important so making sure children have plenty of healthy fats and limit the less healthy fats is helpful. Mini Mealtimes can help you to find ways to encourage your child to get the balance right and reassure you that you’re on the right track.

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