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No, we do not recommend putting children on a weight-reducing diet unless advised and closely monitored by a medical professional.


Children regulate their intake over many days rather than on a daily basis. For this reason, children may have days when they eat really well and others when they eat very little. This can understandably be frustrating and confusing for parents. Mini Mealtimes will encourage users to record food intakes over several days rather than a single day to take account for day-to-day fluctuations in appetites.


Parents should consult a health professional if they notice a concerning change in their child’s diet; they are worried about the nutritional balance of their child’s diet or there is a significant increase or decrease in their child’s weight over a short period time.


While childhood obesity is a big concern for many parents, it is important to remember that restricting a child’s intake without the support and guidance of a medical professional can lead to deficiencies and damage a child’s relationship with food.