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The internet is full of conflicting advice on how to feed your kids. Sometimes all you want is a single, trusted answer. That’s why we’ve partnered with City Dietitians: a world-leading, London-based nutrition clinic and a number of highly vetted freelance nutritionists. You can book one-off appointments or sign up for one of our private memberships.


Our specialists can:

Provide expert advice on a range of child & infant nutrition issues, including: 

  • Food aversion
  • Allergies
  • Budget-friendly recipes
  • Growth concerns
  • General eating concerns
  • Help you make better sense of your child’s personalised nutrition report
  • Refer you to specialist NHS and private services
  • Daily activity recommendations 
  • Vitamin recommendations
  • A library of curated nutrition articles 
  • Coming Soon

    Filters for religious dietary restrictions

    Filters for allergy dietary restrictions

    Sports trackers

    Curated meal plans

    Downloadable video courses

    A private group with regular group sessions with a dietitian or nutritionists 

    And more...


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Rachel Clark

Meet Emily

BSc (Hons) RD Emily Bloxam and a child and infant specialist.


As a university guest lecturer with over eight years of clinical experience, she’s seen it all! Through friendly, judgement-free consultations, she’ll give you the help you need to make confident nutrition decisions for your child.

Meet Rachel

ANutr Rachel Clark, Registered Nutritionist


Rachel is a registered nutritionist with over ten years of experience working in the NHS and charity sector. Rachel has a young son and understands first-hand the anxiety parents can face when it comes to feeding their kids. She is passionate about helping families to eat well and provides evidence-based, holistic advice to help people achieve their nutrition goals. 

Unsure if you should book a session with a dietitian or a nutritionist? Read our blog before you decide.


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