Parenting isn’t easy...

For many people, it’s the steepest learning curve they’ll ever have to face. Ensuring your little one is getting the nutrients they need can be incredibly stressful. With the abundance of nutrition information out there, many don’t know where to go and who to trust:


“Two thirds [of parents] admitted to being confused about what vitamins and minerals [their] children should have in their diet”.

The Daily Mirror 


“1 in 4 parents worry about the levels of nutrition their child is getting.”

The Independent 


When it comes to finding nutrition advice in today’s world, parents only really have two options:


1. Pay for a dietician (at £100s per hour).

2. Spend months worrying while waiting for a free NHS consultation.

3. Try to make sense of the free - but often contradictory - advice online.


Neither option is great. 


Mini Mealtimes offers a better solution: an app that gives parents personalised insights into their child’s nutritional health.

Created by experts.
Internet wormhole free.
All for just a few pounds per month.


Since launching in January 2020, we’ve given countless loyal parents the tools they need to do what’s best for their child. That number’s growing every day.


If you’re interested in hearing more about the app & receiving a copy of our deck, please contact us.


Paul Lindley OBE is a British entrepreneur, Investor and children's welfare campaigner says "As the founder of Ella’s Kitchen, founder of Just Imagine If, chair of London’s Child Obesity Taskforce and a trustee of Sesame Workshop - I know that giving our children and young people the best possible start in life is so important. I believe early nutrition plays a huge role in that, which is why I’m very impressed by the work Marie and the team are doing at Mini Mealtimes. They’re building a much-needed product and I can’t wait to see what they do in future."