Why Vitamins are Recommended

Mother spoon feeding baby

24th September 2020

Hello all,


I have an exciting announcement!




As you might have heard, we’ve teamed up with Nature & Nurture to provide bespoke vitamins for our customers. We’re absolutely over the moon to have them on board, and we just can’t wait to get started spreading the love with each and every one of you! In preparation though, we thought we’d take a little time to really go into how important vitamins are for a child’s healthy development.


To start off, just so we’re all on the same page, vitamin drops During those very early stages, the only vitamins that most toddlers of that age should be receiving through supplementation are Vitamins A, C, and D in specific doses. On a technical note, the Department of Health has specific guidelines which Nature & Nurture adhere to strictly. To give the purest possible vitamin to your little one, they also include none of the chemicals that some would use: no colours, no artificial sweeteners and no allergens.


Nature and Nurture Vitamins


At the most basic level, the nutrients that a young child needs aren’t different from what an adult requires, but the doses are smaller (obviously). However, it’s what the wrong dose could do to the body that makes the main difference between making vitamins for children and for adults. This isn’t to say that adults shouldn’t be paying attention to vitamin doses, they absolutely should. However, when an adult goes over the guidelines slightly their body can deal with it well and absorb the extra nutrients fairly well, but when a smaller child with a much smaller body gets more than needed it’s much more difficult for them to absorb all the extra nutrients and put them to use. That’s why the DoH guidelines are just so important, and why Nature & Nurture treating the guidelines as gospel is so key.


Nature & Nurture are also passionate about how they make their vitamins. A big risk when companies manufacture their vitamins abroad and import them to the UK is that there tends to be little oversight into the safety and hygiene procedures in the plants and there’s a much greater risk of the vitamins being contaminated during production. That’s why Nature & Nurture are proud to make their vitamins right here in the UK, making sure that the production is always safe and hygienic, and making sure that nothing except the perfect nutrients reach your little ones.


We’re so excited to get started with this partnership, and we just can’t wait to get your little ones the nutrition they deserve!


I hope you enjoy it as much as me and my family do. You can buy them online here




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Mother spoon feeding baby

Why Vitamins are Recommended

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