Dietitians vs Nutritionists

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3rd August 2020

Too much info


As a parent looking for information on healthy eating for your child, it can get a little overwhelming with the sheer amount of info that you can find on the web. There’s just so much to read, and not all of it will be relevant to every child, so it’s very easy to get lost in info that isn’t even relevant.


Since our mission is to make child nutrition accessible and understandable for every parent, we thought we’d have a go at un-jumbling one of the most difficult problems out there.


Dietitians vs Nutritionists


Understanding the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist isn’t easy at the best of times. Both roles have their own technicalities that make them special.


To break it down to its very basics, a dietician is a registered health professional that works with individuals and businesses to develop healthy regimes to maintain a certain level of health.  According to the British Dietitians Association, "All dietitians are regulated by the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) who exist to protect the public. They publish a register of dietitians and other health professionals who meet their standards. Only those on the Register can call themselves dietitians."


A nutritionist, on the other hand, works with individuals to help them eat healthier but does not need any qualification to call themself a nutritionist. This isn’t to say that there aren’t great nutritionists out there doing fantastic work for their clients. There are degree-qualified Nutritionists out there who are registered with the Association for Nutrition on the UK Voluntary Register for Nutritionists they are also excellent professionals to contact.


You also have to decide what will be more of a help to you as a parent. A dietitian can be a great help in designing a scientific diet and regime to keep your child healthy, and a nutritionist can be great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your child.


The decision really does lie with you as the parent to decide whether the approach of a dietitian or a nutritionist would be the best for your child. We’d say that each nutritionist and dietitian has their own approach, and good research is needed to make sure that their specific approach will be the perfect fit for your little one. When going for a nutritionist or a dietitian we absolutely recommend always doing your due diligence on their past work and qualifications. 


You can book an online consultation with a specialist now 


We also have to address the massive amount of pressure that parents are under at the moment. Keeping your little one safe and sound at the calmest of times is stressful enough, so with everything going on right now, it’s been pretty overwhelming at times. The pressure that parents are putting on themselves is monumental, and we just want to say that everyone is doing a great job.


There is such a journey throughout your child’s development, from stressing out over every little decision at the beginning, slowly understanding the rules as they get older, and getting comfortable as they get into their teenage years. It never gets easy, but you learn how to deal with all the pressures that come with raising a child. You start to care less about the parent of the “perfect child” who may seem as if they’re doing everything better than you, and you start to ignore the headlines and websites that keep telling you that you’re not doing good enough.


The support out there for a parent going through a tough time is immense. From so many online support groups to classes in person and online, to just chatting to any other parent who will almost definitely have gone through something similar during their own journey through parenthood.


We’re all part of one big community, and we’ll get through this together. 


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