Core Team


Marie Farmer


Marie Farmer had the idea for Mini Mealtimes in 2017, after struggling to find affordable nutrition advice for her son. Marie previously worked in advertising and has launched dozens of digital products for consumer brands. She’s been featured in many national publications, including the BBC, MailOnline, Metro and Evening Standard.


Sophie Medlin


Sophie Medlin is a well-known consultant dietitian and frequently appears on the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. Previously a lecturer at King’s College London, she now uses her many years of experience to offer evidence-based advice to our users. And is very active on social media where she dispels myths around food, health, diet culture, influencers and more.



Emily Bloxam

BSc (Hons) RD


Emily is a paediatric dietitian with over eight years of experience working for the NHS. Previously a university guest lecturer, she now offers friendly, judgement-free consultations to our users.


rachel clark

Rachal Clark



Rachel is a registered nutritionist with over ten years of experience working in the NHS and charity sector. Rachel has a young son and understands first-hand the anxiety parents can face when it comes to feeding their kids. She is passionate about helping families to eat well and provides evidence-based, holistic advice to help people achieve their nutrition goals. 




Julia Wolman



Julia Wolman is a Registered Nutritionist, child feeding therapist and mum of two who helps other busy parents enjoy feeding their families and picky eaters with more confidence and less stress. Her practice follows the child-centered principles of Responsive Feeding and she is passionate about supporting children and families to build positive relationships with food. She also runs the popular Instagram account The Family Food coach.



Aasiya Panchbhaya

Paediatric Nurse

Aasiya Panchbhaya is an associate nutritionist and registered paediatric nurse. She has four years of experience as a neonatal nurse in the NHS where her role comprises of supporting infant nutrition and growth. She now offers evidence-based consultations to our users. 





Rajat Pathak

Head Developer

Appentus is an India-based mobile app and web development company and has worked with thousands of businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Appentus codes and designs our iOS and Android apps. 



Ali Hay

UX Consultant


Ali Hay is a UX consultant with nearly ten years of industry experience. Having recently worked for NHSx, she now advises on the usability of every new feature we introduce and is a mother of two.



Demo Demetriou

Social Partner

Blazon is a UK-based social media management agency for startups, established in 2019 by two seasoned entrepreneurs. Blazon creates all of our social media content.




Dan Hulsmann


Dan Hulsmann is an IT consultant with nearly 30 years of industry experience. Previously CTO of Virgin Net, Dan is now a Prince’s Trust mentor and advises on business development decisions.



James Maunsell-Thomas


James Maunsell-Thomas is an angel investor with many years of experience in the tech and consumer good industries.



Rahmon Ajbage


Rahmon Ajbage is the founder of Keakie, a music tech startup using AI and analytics to tailor long-form content to its users. Rahmon is also an Advisory Board Member at OneTech, an organisation working to increase opportunities for female and BAME founders.



Carmel McConnell

Author Change Activist.

Founder Magic Breakfast


Carmel McConnell MBE is a change activist and founder of Magic Breakfast, a national charity delivering healthy breakfasts to UK schools. Carmel is the author of five FT business titles, including the best-selling guide to social activism, ‘Change Activist’.



Henry Joseph Grant


Henry Joseph-Grant is an award-winning tech entrepreneur and has helped to build some of the world’s leading tech startups. Henry was a founding team member at JustEat and, in 2013, founded the European arm of The Entertainer (exit: $100m).